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The event caters to BASE jumping and bungee jumping. Unfortunately, participation in this event is by invitation only. The Royal Gorge Bridge is the most popular tourist attraction in Colorado since its construction. The bridge is host to several extreme world record attempts The Royal Gorge Bridge in Canon City, Colorado offered BASE jumping during a 3 day event hosted by the Go Fast Games. Go Fast! hosted this event to allow enthusiasts the opportunity to jump legally. The event caters to bungee jumping and BASE jumping

Bungee jumping does not happen at this bridge all the time. For the last five years GO Fast Sports has been sponsoring the Go Fast Games at Royal Gorge Bridge. The most recent event took place between September 25th-28th 2008. The main events were B.A.S.E jumping and bungee jumping. At this time, bungee jumping was open to the public Troy bungee jumping off the royal gorge bridge in colorado at the go fast games Royal Gorge Bridge and Park. Ironically, Colorado's most famous bungee destination is one at which traditional bungee jumping is banned throughout the year. Recognized as one of the highest suspension bridges in the world at 1,053 feet, the Royal Gorge Bridge in Cañon City, Colorado, has host to several types of bungee jumps

Highest Bungee Jumps In The World 1. Royal Gorge Bridge, United States. A bungee jump from the highest point in the world is every adrenaline seekers dream and this is perhaps the favourite spot. The bridge located in Colorado, United States was the highest bridge in the world for more than fifty years, till 2001 Bungee jumping (/ ˈ b ʌ n dʒ i /), also spelt bungy jumping, is an activity that involves a person jumping from a great height while connected to a large elastic cord.The launching pad is usually erected on a tall structure such as a building or crane, a bridge across a deep ravine, or on a natural geographic feature such as a cliff.It is also possible to jump from a type of aircraft that. I won't even walk over this bridge, let alone bungee jump from it. With spectacular views of the Arkansas River, the Royal Gorge Bridge was built in 1929 specifically with tourists in mind. The gorge is framed by sheer cliffs. The bridge spans 1,260 feet (384.05 meters) and is 956 feet (291 meters) high [source: Royal Gorge Bridge & Park] Bungee jump The world's best is America's Colorado State Royal Gorge Bridge. By the way, the world No. 2 is 233 M in the bungee jump of the Macau Tower. After all the world is a big deal. After all we will dominate from Japan (laugh The Royal Gorge Bridge. Start your Colorado adventure at the highest and most famous suspension bridge in America. Take in Colorado's iconic natural beauty while standing 956 feet above the wild Arkansas River at one of the top attractions in the area

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Josh Patt, bungee jump at the Royal Gorge Bridge, CO, during Go Fast Games, with Over the Edge Bungee. Go Fast Games 2008. Canon City, Colorado. Filmed by Da.. Bungee Jumping: Although we have had bungee jumping events in the past, Royal Gorge Bridge & Park works in conjunction with the Fremont County Sheriff's Office and the Department of Homeland Security to develop our security policies This video is of the Go Fast Games 2007 at the Royal Gorge Bridge in Canyon City Colorado. This video features BASE jumping, Bungee Jumping, interviews and o.. Royal Gorge Bridge and Park, Canon City: Hi, I'm wondering if bungee jumping available at... | Check out answers, plus see 3,427 reviews, articles, and 2,439 photos of Royal Gorge Bridge and Park, ranked No.5 on Tripadvisor among 55 attractions in Canon City

Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge, Colorado. The Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge in southern Colorado is a unique place for jumping to feel free fall as long as possible. The bridge crosses the gorge 955 feet (291m) above the Arkansas River. And if you're jumping from the bridge, your free fall will long for about 15 seconds Royal Gorge Bridge, Colorado, United States At 321 metres, the Royal Gorge Bridge easily takes the bacon for the highest bungee jump in the world. The 1,260-ft-long suspension bridge was the highest bridge in the world until 2003 when it was trumped by the creation of the mighty Beipanjiang River bridge in China The Royal Gorge Bridge is a tourist attraction near Cañon City, Colorado within Royal Gorge Bridge & Park, a 360-acre (150 ha) amusement park located along the edge of the Royal Gorge around both ends of the bridge. The bridge crosses the gorge 955 feet (291 m) above the Arkansas River and held the record of highest bridge in the world from 1929 until 2001 when it was surpassed by the.

Bungee Jump in Glenwood Canyon. Visitors to this adventure park can tick off several thrills from their bucket lists: The Giant Canyon Swing swoops riders through Glenwood Canyon, 1,300 feet. Bridge bungee jumping is the most common type of bungee jumping available at the moment and there are so many opportunities available, all around the world. We will only stay focused on the really high bridges that offer this travel activity so that you know exactly where to go. Royal Gorge Bridge - USA - 321 Meter My friends at Over The Edge Bungee invited me to do a special jump from the world's highest bridge. The Royal Gorge's clearance is 1,053 feet (over 300 meters). It is the highest, fastest, wildest, hairiest and craziest jump. I jumped on a cord that weighs around 300 lbs. The weight is really felt when being hoisted back up to the bridge

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It's widely considered the best - you can translate best as scariest - place to bungee jump in the Himalayas. 5. Royal Gorge Bridge. Colorado's Royal Gorge Bridge attracts about 300,000 thrill-seekers annually, and at 1,053 feet, it's the highest suspension bridge in the world The locations listed below are business listings for bungee jumping in Colorado. The Royal Gorge Bridge in Canon City, Colorado offers BASE jumping during a 3 day event hosted by the Go Fast Games. Go Fast! hosted this event to allow enthusiasts the opportunity to jump legally Royal Gorge Bridge, Colorado, United States. The Royal Gorge Bridge construction was finished in November 1929 in Canon City, Colorado. The suspension bridge is 955 feet over the Arkansas River and is the tallest span in the United States. The Royal Gorge Bridge is by so far the highest bungee jumping destination jsteck/Getty Images. Colorado is home to one of the highest bridge bungee jumps in the entire world. Looking down from the top of the Royal Gorge in Cañon City, the river seems like just a tiny ribbon far below. It is a sight terrifying enough to make anyone weak in the knees, although the fall - which lasts approximately 15 seconds -- is equal parts scary and fun

Another amazing USA bungee jump is the Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge in Colorado. I'm sure it surprises no one that Colorado is home to an amazing bungee jump, considering the gorgeous sights and landscapes. Located in Colorado Springs, there's a whole host of other things to do besides jumping Countdown to Saturday, October 19, 2019! Catch the BASE jumpers leaping 800+ feet into the New River Gorge below! Rappelling, skydiving, and more adventures abound. Bridge Day, one of the largest extreme sports event in the world, is held annually on the third Saturday in October in Fayette County Bungee jumping is perhaps one of the best ways to experience an incredible adrenaline rush. This extreme kind of sport that involves jumping from high place (bridge, tower, helicopter, etc.) by the help of elastic cord originated from Vanuatu in New Zealand where young men of the Aboriginal tribes were obliged to tie their ankles with lianas and jump from high wooden towers to prove their courage Bridges are located below. Clicking on the schedule of jumps link on any bridge will take you to a calendar listing the upcoming jump dates. Many bridges are illegal because they fall under a general no jumping rule, some are specific to bungee some are just to keep people from jumping period

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The highest bungee jump ever made was from the Royal Gorge Bridge, Colorado, USA at a height of 1053 feet (321 m) during 2005 and 2007 Go Fast games. Among the currently available commercial bungee jump destinations, the Macau Tower, China with a height of 233 meters or 764 feet, is considered the tallest destination for bungee jumpers Bungee Jumping 1979 . Sport::1900s; The world's first Bungee jump was made on 1st April 1979 (April Fool's day) from the 250ft Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol, Gloucestershire, England. David Kirke 1979 David Kirke (born in 1945) was the first to jump of the bridge in top hat and tails and a bottle of champagne in hand followed by Simon Keeling. They used an elastic rope, known as a. 10 Highest Bungee Jumps in the World 1. Royal Gorge Bridge, Colorado Springs, USA - 1,053ft. Comfortably the highest bungee jumping spot by some distance, the Royal Gorge Bridge was the highest suspension bridge in the world for almost 75 years Josh Patt, Bungee Jump at the Royal Gorge, CO during the Go Fast Games, with Over the Edge Bungee - Duration: 7:18. davenevins 12,965 views. 7:18. Royal Gorge Bridge and Park 7,886 views. 17:36. The WORLDS highest suspension bridge, Colorado USA - Duration: 10:48. Fit Organic Living 7,983 views Nytt på sidan. Experter. Populärst

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Royal Gorge Bridge is a suspension bridge and park in Colorado which sees a variety of activities in a year, bungee jumping being the most famous of all. The bridge stands 965 feet above the Arkansas River and is a beauty to behold. It is a mountainous region and bungee jumping here means you can truly get lost in the beauty of the place. 7 The Royal Gorge Bridge & Park has had bungee jumping from the Bridge in the past in September during the GoFast Games, but has not had this activity for the past three years. There are no plans on the table to offer this activity at the present time. However, many guests refer to our Royal Rush Skycoaster as a bungee TOP 10 HIGHEST BUNGEE JUMPS IN THE WORLD 2020. 1. Royal Gorge Bridge, United States {321Meters} A bungee jump from the very highest point in the world is what every adrenaline seeker dream and this is perhaps the favorite spot for lovers of this kind of adventure for now 9. Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge, USA. In 1929, construction on the Royal Gorge Bridge in Canon City, Colorado was finally completed, making it the tallest bridge in the United States. If the workers only knew what this bridge would become famous for perhaps they would have wanted to jump from it too

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Here are the lists of world's 5 highest bungee jumping locations you might be interested in. 1. Royal Gorge Bridge, Colorado, USA. Height: 1,053 feet (321 m) At 1,053 ft high, the Royal Gorge Bridge holds No. 1 position as the highest bungee jumping location in the world. The Royal Gorge Bridge is also the world's highest suspension bridge The Royal Gorge Bridge & Park is a Colorado Local Family Attraction, but it's more than just your average park. It's an intricate part of Colorado's history and a place to visit with your family. While bridge construction was completed in 1929, the Gorge itself is millions of years in the making This bridge in Queenstown is the site of the world's first commercial bungee jump. Bungee pioneers A.J. Hackett and Henry van Asch took the first jump in November 1988 from here, which has since.


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  1. Apr 29, 2013 - Are you a serious bungee jumper or a curious george and want to try it? Well here is a great place to start. Bungee jumping provides and exhilarating thrill that will leave you wanting more. Often compared to skydiving, bungee jumping has a much quicker descent, but offers an amazing thrill! If you're ambitious enough, use thi
  2. Bungee Jumping ini akan membawamu jatuh dari jembatan dengan ketinggian 321 meter. Royal Gorge Bridge ini akan membuat tubuh kamu terhempas dari atas atas jembatan menuju bawah dengan angin yang akan membuatnya semakin seru. Tentunya kamu bisa berteriak kencang karena adrenalinmu akan langsung terpacu
  3. from $99 per jump or $129 for two jumps, bungee.com. The Bungee Masters dive off a private bridge over a river right in the middle of the forest. After two jumps (because you'll definitely want to go again) you'll get a Dangerous Sports Club T-shirt. Note: This is actually the highest legal bungee bridge in the United States
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Vertigo Bungee offers bungee jumping near Tyrone, Kentucky. Experience the thrill of a bungee jump and find your next adventure by bungee jumping today! Vertigo Bungee offers bungee jumping near Tyrone, Vertigo Bungee Royal Gorge Bridge Go fast Games 2007 Equipment for Bungee Jumpin Bungee jumping is not a sport for the faint of heart. Leaping from a bridge at heights as high as 300 feet with nothing but an elastic rope between you and your destination below is quite the adrenalin rush. Pennsylvania ranks third for most bridges, coming in at 25,000 state-owned bridges. With many of these bridges. There you can cross a quarter-mile suspension bridge that sits over the Arkansas River gorge. For the bungee experience, take a ride on the Royal Rush Skycoaster. The bungee swing sits 1,200 feet above the bottom of the gorge and drops its riders 100 feet, letting them fall at up to 50 mph before they bounce and swing above the canyon On September 7, 1970, the first known parachute jump took place at the Royal Gorge Bridge. Donald Boyles of Tulsa, Oklahoma used a limp hang glider (one that opened after he jumped) to make his 358 th jump. He and a coworker, also a fellow parachute jumper, David Lomax, discussed the possibility of jumping off the bridge and decided it was feasible though dangerous The Kawarau Bridge Bungy Is The Home Of Bungy Jumping. Leap 43m From The Historic Kawarau Bridge. Tandem & Water Touch Bungy Options Available. Book Now

Thank you for taking the time to review your visit to the Royal Gorge Bridge & Park. This time of year we do offer a buy one, get the second 1/2 off promotion. Tickets include the bridge, aerial tram, incline railway, Plaza Theatre, historical display, and wildlife park. We offer a bridge only ticket from 7-8:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. to dusk Highest bungee jump down a vertical wall, Verscaze Dam, Lugano, Switzerland, 700 ft. Greatest altitude, from hot air balloon at 12,610 ft. Longest unstretched jumpline, from a helicopter, 816 ft. Highest jump from a Bridge, 1053 ft from Royal Gorge Bridge, Colorado, USA The Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge—Colorado, United States This epic freefall from one of the tallest bridges in the world is off limits to anyone who is not specifically invited to jump there. From 2003 to 2008 organizers of the Go Fast Games were able to open the bridge for public jumping during the three-day festival but the annual games have since been canceled These benefits are available on your membership but are not available for redemption online at this time. Name. Quantity. Pric Aug 15, 2012 - bungee jump @ Royal Gorge Bridge - Qiito.co

Royal Gorge Bridge & Park Directions. Royal Gorge Bridge & Park 4218 County Road 3A, Cañon City, CO 81212 . Access to the Bridge & Park is only available from County Road 3A (North Gate). South Gate is permanently closed. From Denver & Colorado Springs • Head South on I-25. • Take Exit 140 - Tejon St. toward Canon City, CO via Hwy 115 S The jump is 680 feet. That should give you the true adrenaline rush of a bungee jump. The Rio Grande bridge is w here the settlers crossed going west- amazing! It has breathtaking view from sidewalks. Free walk and view, windy, not for those afraid of heights! Bungee jump from Rio Grande bridge is only available once a year, currently in the fall

Bungee jump from the Victoria Falls bridge into the gorge below. This jump is 111 meters high. BRIDGE SWING Free-fall for close to 70m before flying out over the rapids below. Tandem swings are available. BRIDGE SLIDE Enjoy a bridge slide (zip line) over the Batoka Gorge. Tandem slides are available. BIG AIR COMBO A combination of a bungee jump. A bungee jumping experience is held annually on the bridge. You dive from a platform and drop like a stone toward the Arkansas River, only to be snapped back with incredible bounce. Hottnez, a worldwide travel website, ranks the Royal Gorge plunge as the world's No. 1 bungee jumping experience Stretching across a ravine above the Arkansas River at approximately 955 feet is the famous Royal Gorge Bridge. It was built in 1929 and is known as one of the world's highest suspension bridges. Adrenaline seekers have used this bridge for bungee jumping and BASE jumping

Recently, OTE was the sole bungee company at the Go Fast Games 2008 at the Royal Gorge Bridge in Canon City, Colorado. There on the world's highest suspension bridge amidst jetpack pilots, rock climbers, BMX riders and BASE jumpers from around the world doing what they do, a record number of bungee jumpers leaped off the Royal Gorge Bridge 2008 Go Fast Games at the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park in Colorado. Special thanks to Eric and thecrew from Over The Edge Bungee of Stanley, ID So maybe skydiving is a little too extreme for you, but you still want to conquer your fear of heights. Welcome to the Royal Gorge Bridge in Canon, Colorado. Towering over the Arkansas River at 1,053 feet (321m), it's one of the tallest suspension bridges and the highest [legal] bungee jump point on Earth Royal Gorge Bridge, Colorado (USA)- 321 meters (1053 feet) Introducing the highest bungee jumping location on earth! The jumpers take off from the highest bridge in world and free fall over 1053 feet

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Video Footage - Click Here. The BBC has just released new footage of the world's first bungee jump which took place on 1 April, 1979, and was undertaken by members of the Oxford University Dangerous Sports Club from the Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol The Royal Gorge bridge over the Arkansas River is 310 m above the river. A 56-kg bungee jumper has an elastic cord with an unstressed length of 59 m attached to her feet. Assume that, like an ideal spring, the cord is massless and provides a linear restoring force when stretched. The jumper leaps, and at at her lowest point she barely touches the water Bungee jumping in the Verdon Gorge. In pursuing the road of the Corniche Sublime, you will come to a bridge called the Bridge of Artuby but whose real name is Bridge Chaulière.You may notice a crowd on the bridge and its immediate surroundings. There are three reasons for this. Some Facts about Victoria Falls bungee jumping. The jump platform is located near the centre of the Victoria Falls bridge spanning the gorge that separates Zimbabwe from Zimbabwe. This is like no-man's land with border posts on either side. Passports are required to access the bridge

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Royal Gorge Bridge Bungee Jumping. Photo 1 of 24 | Back to all Bungee Jumping Photos: PREV : Category: Bungee Jumping City: Canon City State: Colorado Company: Over the Edge. This is one of the highest bungee jumps in the world And though bungee jumping at Colorado's Royal Gorge Bridge is often considered the highest bungee location in the world, it's open for invited guests only one week a year, making it virtually. Bungee jumping is a popular sport but there are VERY few professional companies around. We understand the options available are not ideal but that's the nature of this sport. Due to the number of bungee jumping locations, most people will need to drive 100 miles or more to jump with a professional bungee company If you're on the prowl for the highest bungee location on Earth, look no further than the Royal Gorge Bridge in Colorado. From 1929 to 2001, this structure was crowned the highest bridge in the world, and it still holds the title of being the tallest in the United States. Macau Tower, Macau, China - 764 feet. Image source: planetware.com

That's right - you can bungee jump off High Bridge! The bridge stands 300 feet above the gorge, and the jump is 250 feet. It's the tallest commercial bungee jump on the continent, and if you're brave enough to try it, it's the experience of a lifetime 1. Royal Gorge Bridge. America's Royal Gorge Bridge is the perfect spot for gutsy visitors looking for an unforgettable bungee jump, with the tourist attraction being one of the most visited in Colorado. The 321 plunge into the valley below from the wooden floor of the bridge has to be seen to be believed and the site has been attracting the. A daredevil with mass 10kg, would like to bungee jump o? the Royal Gorge Bridge, which is 150ft tall (or 45m tall). The daredevil has a bungee cord, which has a spring constant of 50N/m, tied to his ankles

The world's highest bungee jumping here. Although bungee can be fixed by objects (bridges, dams, cliffs) and from moving objects (hot air balloons, helicopters), this list contains only fixed objects. 1. Royal Gorge Bridge, Colorado, United States - 321 meters (1,053 ft). The Royal Gorge Bridge is the highest Bungee.. On a bungee jump, the first thing that happens is your body screams and you feel a flush of panic. Then, especially during the almost 900-foot drop you get at the Royal Gorge, you start to feel as if you're floating Click here to jump with Vertigo Bungee Bungee Jump. Copyright Vertigo Bungee. All rights reserved. Mission | Safety | Calendar | Team | Instagram | Jump Gallery. The Royal Gorge Bridge. in Canon City, Colorado offers BASE jumping during a 3 day event hosted by the Go Fast Games.. Go Fast! hosts this event to allow experienced BASE jumpers the opportunity to jump legally. The event caters to BASE jumping and bungee jumping

Royal Gorge Bridge in Colorado is America's Tallest Bridge

Origins. The Dangerous Sports Club was co-founded by David Kirke, Chris Baker, Ed Hulton and Alan Weston in the 1970s. They first came to wide public attention by inventing modern day bungee jumping, by making the first modern jumps on 1 April 1979, from the Clifton Suspension Bridge, Bristol, England. They followed the Clifton Bridge effort with a jump from the Golden Gate Bridge in San. Let's start where bungee jumping, too, began: the Kawarau Gorge Suspension Bridge. In 1986, Kiwi AJ Hackett jumped off of Auckland's Greenhithe Bridge with only a homemade rubber cord to catch him. The jump launched him into a lifelong obsession with bungee jumping, which eventually led Hackett to open up the first commercial bungee jump in New Zealand, off the Kawarau Bridge The bridge over the River Garry in Perthshire is the first permanent bridge based bungee jump in the UK. Bungee jumping from the perfectly sound structure that is the bridge over the River Garry, plummeting head long to the shallow waters below is the ultimate adrenaline rush! You can speeds of over 50 mph on a rapid 130 foot descent

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Note: We have not included Colorado's 956-foot-high Royal Gorge Bridge, because, although it has been used for bungee jumping in the past, it is no longer open to the public for jumps. 1. Macau Tower (Macau, China) Macau Tower in Macau, China. Photo by: Toby Oxborrow, flick Question: Energy: Graphing 1· The World's Highest Bungee Jumps Were From The Royal Gorge Bridge In Colorado, Which Spans A Height Of 1,053 Feet (321 M). The Energy Plot For A Person's Jump Is Graphed Below. In It We Assumed The Distance From Top To A Complete Stop Was 300m (don't Want To Hit The Ground!)

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FREMONT COUNTY, Colo. — On Monday, deputies were called to the Royal Gorge Bridge about a man who jumped from the bridge. Deputies of the Fremont County Sheriff's Office were dispatched to the. Bungee Jumping in South Africa. For most people, looking over the edge of a 216m bridge might be quite enough of a thrill. For others though, throwing themselves off the bridge is a far better pastime The Royal Gorge Bridge hangs 1,053 feet above the Arkansas River, making it the highest suspension bridge in the world. The Denver and Rio Grande Railroad run under the Royal Gorge Bridge, along the banks of the Royal Gorge, which is a 10-mile canyon with a 50 feet wide base and a depth of 1200 feet

1200 foot bungee-swing over Royal Gorge Canyon, ColoradoSwinging at Royal Gorge Bridge - absolutely awesomeRoyal Gorge Bridge - HighestBridges

There are many things you can't do in China, but bungee jumping isn't one of them. At 764 feet (233 meters), jumping off the Macau Tower is the longest bungee jump in the world. The jump is the size of two-and-a-half football fields. Jumpers accelerate to a top speed of 124.27 miles (220 kilometers) an hour The Bungee Jump in this bridge is 364 feet. The bridge connect two countries Zimbabwe and Zambia.It is one of the world famous bungee jump spot. Royal Gorge Bridge, Colorado, United States: Royal Gorge Bridge was among the highest suspension bridge which was constructed in 1929. The world famous Bungee jump in this bridge is 321 meters Imagine jumping from a bridge over a 160m high tropical gorge, with one of Nepal's wildest rivers, raging below.This ultimate jump from the 160-meter high bridge is the most spectacular bungee jump on the planet. This remarkable 500ft drop into the Bhote Koshi River gorge on the Nepal/Tibet Border is the longest fre The Royal Gorge Bridge is one of the world's highest suspension bridges. It is considered to be Colorado's wonder, bringing together the fascinating views of the Grand Canyon and the Golden Gate Bridge. Not just the coolest Bungee jump spot in the world, but also the highest Well Switzerland is also home to Europe's highest bungee jump from a suspended bridge -- the Niouc Bridge. Jumpers from this spot need the courage to jump and swing in all directions at the same time

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