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Spiderman All Movies. Menu. Movies. Release Calendar DVD & Blu-ray Releases Top Rated Movies Most Popular Movies Browse Movies by Genre Top Box Office Showtimes & Tickets Showtimes & Tickets In Theaters Coming Soon Coming Soon Movie News India Movie Spotlight. TV Shows The fictional character Spider-Man, a comic book superhero created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko and featured in Marvel Comics publications, has appeared as a main character in multiple theatrical and made-for-television films.. Nicholas Hammond first starred as Peter Parker / Spider-Man in the 1977 made-for-television film Spider-Man and would appear as the character two other times Released- 2014. Run Time- 2h 22m. IMDb - 6.6/10. Director - Marc Webb. Lead Actor - Andrew Garfield. In The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Spider-Man is basically the same goofy nerd from all Spiderman movies, but is met with another challenge when a new and a far more powerful enemy, Electro becomes a danger for the New York City.. Peter also struggles to build a better and more qualified suit. Release Calendar DVD & Blu-ray Releases Top Rated Movies Most Popular Movies Browse Movies by Genre Top Box Office Showtimes & Tickets Showtimes & Tickets In Theaters Coming Soon Coming Soon Movie News India Movie Spotlight. Motorcyclist Takuya Yamashiro fights the evil forces of Professor Monster as the superhero Spiderman

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  1. It may be one of the most recent entries on this list, but it's already clear that Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is one of the all-time greats. As the ever-growing comic book movie genre diversifies, the risk of superhero fatigue eventually setting in looms large; there are only so many times that audiences will want to watch characters receive their powers and save the day, after all
  2. In the last 17 years, Spider-Man has appeared in 11 films, been played by at least four actors. From embarrassing finger guns to brilliant animated reinterpretations of the franchise, we've.
  3. All Spider-Man Movies All Spider-Man Movies All Spider-Man Movies All Spider-Man Movies All Spider-Man Movies. Travel Movies Books Food Other. Sign In Trending New Popular type to search. Sign In. Make a List Browse Lists Search Lists Leaders Help / Contact Newsletter
  4. This is a list of titles featuring the popular Marvel Comics character Spider-Man.Spider-Man first appeared in Amazing Fantasy #15, which was the last issue of that series. After that, he was given his own series. All stories presented in this list are published by Marvel Comics under their standard imprint, unless otherwise noted
  5. ; 12A; Directed by: Jon Watts Cast: Tom Holland, Samuel L. Jackson, Zendaya, Cobie Smulders, Jon Favreau, J. B. Smoove, Jacob Batalon, Martin Starr, Marisa Tomei, Jake Gyllenhaal UK release: 2 July 2019 After the events of Endgame, Peter Parker (Holland) is dealing with the loss of his mentor when he and his schoolmates find themselves fighting the Elementals

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Sam Raimi series 1. Spider-Man (2002) 2. Spider-Man 2 (2004) 3. Spider-Man 3 (2007) Marc Webb series 1. The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) 2. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014) Marvel Cinematic Universe 1. Iron Man 2 (2010) (A young Peter Parker is saved. So, take a dive into the extended history of previous Spider-Man movie villains to determine which ones were truly great antagonists and which ones just plain stunk up the silver screen. 15 THE RHINO The Rhino AKA Aleksei Sytsevich (and played by Paul Giamatti) in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is pretty much just present to yell and destroy things and to get humiliated by Andrew Garfield's Spidey The wall-crawler's screen appearances ranked from Sam Raimi's original to Captain America: Civil War. Spider-Man: Homecoming Review (2017): https://www.youtu..

Spider-Man is a fictional character based on the comic book superhero of the same name who appears in Marvel Comics. He was created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko in 1962. He is the new overall main protagonist of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He is a minor character of Iron Man 2, one of the tritagonists of the film Captain America: Civil War, the titular main protagonist of Spider-Man. We revisit and rank every Spider-Man movie from worst to best, from Tobey Maguire to the MCU to the Spider-Verse and everything in between

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Click Here : https://cinemamv21.xyz/ - Spiderman Movie List Related search : Unknown Marvel Movie Facts Film Spiderman 2020 Captain Marvel Full Movie In Tami.. Anything's possible creatively with Spider-Man at the movies again. Here's where the films stand now. 8. Spider-Man 3 (2007) The Spider-Man movie that must not be named With Sony and Disney parting ways on their Spider-Man deal, we ranked every Spider-Man movie — including those in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Spider-Man follows Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire), an orphaned high schooler who pines after popular girl-next-door Mary Jane Watson (Kirsten Dunst). While on a science class field trip, Peter is bitten by a genetically-engineered super spider. As a result, Peter gains superhuman abilities, including increased strength, speed, and the abilities to scale walls and generate organic webbing Explore Marvel movies & the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) on the official site of Marvel Entertainment Spider-Man Movies, Ranked July 06, 2017, 11:54am With the release of Spider-Man: Far From Home, we decided to update our ranking of the web-slinger's big-screen adventures

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How to tell the three movie Spider-Men apart (including Tom Holland) Spider-Man: Homecoming arrives in theaters Thursday night, so let's see how it stacks up against the rest with these friendly. Here's a complete list of upcoming Marvel movies set to be released through 2020 and beyond, including Dark Phoenix Since Spider-Man made his big-screen debut in 2002, there have been a lot of Spideys!. And a lot of Spidey movies too, including Tom Holland's MCU version of the wallcrawler

IMDb - 3.7/10 Director - Sidney J Furie Played by - Christopher Reeve In the fourth installment from all Superman movies list, Superman IV: Quest For Peace put the first superhero in the Cold War situation where a Nuclear war is about to happen.It's not as classy as the previous movies, but much more violent and smashing If you like Spider-Man you might like similar movies The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Transformers, Superman Returns, Thor.. Way back in 2002, the first Spider-Man film helped launch the craze for superhero movies. The franchise webswung from the highest cinematic highs to the lowest Goblin-y lows, rebooting itself.

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The most sorted Spiderman movies list along with animated films and Spiderman TV series list Sony has a plethora of live-action properties, continuing the Spider-Man villain shared universe started by this year's Venom. Producers Matt Tolmach and Avi Arad confirmed that Morbius, The Living Vampire is Sony's next Marvel movie, with Jared Leto taking the title role.Charting the tragic tale of the biochemist-turned-vampire, the film began shooting in February 2019 to meet its July 31. a ranking of the 12 villains from the eight Spider-Man films made so far, including this week's Spider-Man: Far From Home. None of them will ever make you consider rooting against Peter Parker The Spider-Man film series consists of superhero films based on the Marvel Comics superhero of the same name. 1 Development 2 Cannon Films development period 3 Carolco Pictures 4 Cameron scriptment 5 Litigation troubles 6 007 vs. Spider-Man 7 Films 8 Sam Raimi series 8.1 Spider-Man (2002) 8.2..

A list of 8 films compiled on Letterboxd, including Spider-Man 2 (2004), Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018), Spider-Man (2002), Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) and Spider-Man 3 (2007). ‎Spiderman movies ranked, a list of films by The_ametaur_critic • Letterbox A list of 8 films compiled on Letterboxd, including Spider-Man 3 (2007), Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017), Spider-Man: Far from Home (2019), Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018) and The Amazing Spider-Man (2012). About this list: So yeah my rankin, Far From Home and homecoming are interchangeabl A list of 8 films compiled on Letterboxd, including Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018), Spider-Man 2 (2004), Spider-Man: Far from Home (2019), Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) and Spider-Man (2002). About this list: Spider-Man Movie Ranke A list of 8 films compiled on Letterboxd, including Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018), Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017), Spider-Man 2 (2004), The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) and Spider-Man 3 (2007). About this list: My opinions. Don't hate m

The Movie Database (TMDb) is a popular, user editable database for movies and TV shows. Movies. Popular; Now Login; Join TMDb; Marvel - Spiderman. A list by Pontevecchio. Sort By. Original Order; Rating; Release Date; Title; Share; About this list. Spiderman Movies. 5 items on this list; 63% Average Rating; 11h 5m Total Runtime; $4B Total. Spider-Man is based on the character from Marvel Comics and created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. Peter Parker is a high school student, later superhero who was bitten by a genetically-altered spider, thus transforming him into a successful cross-species. He is the son of late scientist Richard Parker and his wife Mary Parker. Spider-Man battles many foes throughout the Amazing Spider-Man. Spider-Man franchise box office earnings. Neighbors got off to a much faster start than expected, as did many of the top five films. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 fell more than 60% during its sophomore stint, but that was expected, at least it was inline with my expectations. Overall, the box office still fell from last weekend, but by 11% to $137 million, which isn't as bad as it could have been

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Marvel Comics is a publisher of American comic books and related media. It counts among its characters such well-known superheroes as Spider-Man, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Black Panther, Doctor Strange, Ant-Man, Wolverine, Daredevil and Deadpool, and such teams as the Avengers, the X-Men, the Fantastic Four, and the Guardians of the Galaxy However, unlike the rest of the movies on this list, this clocks in at a mere 24 minutes, being released as part of an anthology festival, the Toei Manga Matsuri in July 1978 The Hulk in Movies (1997-2018) show list info From the TV days of Mr Universe Lou Ferrigno, through the animated releases - even lego! - and the CGI creation of the MCU universe, here is the Hulk in movies..

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Check out Superman vs Spiderman movies list. Find out who is more popular Check out Spiderman vs The Thing movies list. Find out who is more popular There are 5 Spiderman movies in the history. First Spiderman movie was in 1977 with the The Amazing Spider-Man name. Movie is directed for TV. Then in 1978, live action television series were made after movie. 1977 Spiderman movie was not a total superhero movie, director Swackhamer and Nicholas Hammond tried to add some humorous effects to movie

A list of 8 films compiled on Letterboxd, including Spider-Man 2 (2004), Spider-Man (2002), Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017), Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018) and Spider-Man: Far from Home (2019). About this list: Average Rating - 3.2 Last updated: May 11, 2020 While the Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to dominate the worldwide box office, there are plenty of other Marvel movies on the horizon - from Sony Pictures and Disney's recently-acquired subsidiary 20th Century Fox - that have release dates set in between future MCU films. In 2019 alone, audiences saw five Marvel movies released, while 2020, 2021, and 2022 are. Spider-Man 4wasthe planned sequel to Spider-Man 3, for what would have been the fourth film in Sony Pictures' Spider-Man film seriesthat was slated to release on May 6, 2011. 1 History 2 Cast 3 Sam Raimi's Thoughts on the Film 4 See Also 5 Reboot In spite of the lukewarm fan reception to part 3, its impressive box office score convinced Sony to attempt to make a fourth film. Development began.

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  1. Check out Riri Williams vs Spiderman movies list. Find out who is more popular
  2. Spider-Man 2 is a 2004 American superhero film directed by Sam Raimi and written by Alvin Sargent from a story by Alfred Gough, Miles Millar and Michael Chabon.Based on the fictional Marvel Comics character of the same name, it is the second installment in the Spider-Man trilogy and a sequel to 2002's Spider-Man film, starring Tobey Maguire alongside Kirsten Dunst, James Franco, Alfred Molina.
  3. Bitten by a radioactive spider, Peter Parker's arachnid abilities give him powers he uses to help others, while his personal life offers plenty of obstacles

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9. Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark (2010). Making a Spider-Man movie requires ropes, harnesses and plenty of CGI. So it's no surprise that the most plagued production of the Spidey fable was the.

2019 Movies, Movies 2019 Complete List of All 2019 Movies in Theaters. Wild About Movies provides you the most up-to-date 2019 Movies information online. Our list of movies in theaters in 2019 is even more accurate than IMDB. Click on any of the 2019 movie posters images for complete information about all 2019 movies The decision to make Sandman Uncle Ben's killer in Spider-Man 3 definitely rankled with a lot of people. After all, that arc had been concluded in the first Spider-Man movie when Dennis Caradine was accused of the crime. However, while Flint Marko wasn't the best villain of the lot, we think he deserves the gold medal for this list spiderman - Rent Movies and TV Shows on DVD and Blu-ray. 1-month free trial! Fast, free delivery. No late fees TV show and movie tier list templates. After finishing your tv or movie tier list, check out these TV and Movie Brackets

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  1. Spider-Man - Movie - 12 Collector Series Released in 2002 by Toy Biz After using his company's untested Performance Enhancers on himself, millionare industrialist Norman Osborn is transformed into the decidedly deranged and hauntingly hideous Green Goblin
  2. Spider-Man 3 is finally in production after some behind-the-scenes and release date delays, so it should be swinging into cinemas next year. Tom Holland's third solo outing as Peter Parker is.
  3. Senare har han bland annat gjort sig känd för Spiderman-tri 2002-2007. 2003 följde han upp den första Spiderman-filmen med huvudrollen i Seabiscuit. Privatliv. Maguire har varit gift med Jennifer Meyer, dotter till Universal Studios-chefen Ron Meyer. Tillsammans har de en dotter född 2006 och en son född 2009
  4. g. Learn all about the cast, characters, plot, release date, & more

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The following is a list of episodes and the American dates of Spider-Man. Shorts Introduction! - June 28, 2017, Observation! - July 25, 2017, Hypothesis! - July. Welcome to the #1 source for Spider-Man: Homecoming movie news, rumors, photos, videos & more. Spider-Man: Homecoming is in theaters on July 7, 2017 Flint Marko, originally called the Sandman, is the secondary antagonist ofSpider-Man 3. He is a fictional character who appears in comic books published by Marvel Comics created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko in 1963. He was portrayed by Thomas Haden Church. 1 History 1.1 Early Life 1.2 Death of Uncle Ben 1.3 Becoming Sandman 1.4 Final Battle 2 Powers 3 Trivia Flint was born in 1972, during his.

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List indicator(s) This section includes characters who will appear or have appeared in films in multiple phases within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and have appeared in the billing block for at least two of them (see FAQ). A dark grey cell indicates the character was not in the film, or that the character's presence has not yet been confirmed Your Full List of All Upcoming Marvel Movies — With Key Details! Black Widow shifts to 2021, Shang-Chi and Eternals shuffle, plus fresh details on WandaVision, Ant-Man 3, and more in our exhaustively detailed look at the future of the MCU

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If you're looking for a great family movie for your comic book lover, then this list is for you. Superhero movies have never been so popular, but some are better than others. Our picks are all excellent, action-packed, and full of strong role models Peter Parker is going through a major identity crisis. Burned out from being Spider-Man, he decides to shelve his superhero alter ego, which leaves the city suffering in the wake of carnage left by the evil Doc Ock. In the meantime, Parker still can't act on his feelings for Mary Jane Watson, a girl he's loved since childhood

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  1. Mary Jane Watson, often shortened to MJ, is the deuteragonist of the Raimi Spider-Man Series. She is a character that first appeared in Marvel comic books created by writer Stan Lee and artist John Romita, Sr. in 1965. She was played by Kirsten Dunst in all three films in the Raimi Spider-Man Trilogy between 2002 and 2007. She's the love interest and later girlfriend of Peter Parker. She was.
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  4. g. The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Not really in love with how they have portrayed Spider-Man in the new films especially now that we're two movies in. Would like to see everyone's opinion tho
  5. Spider-Man 3 was released May 4, 2007 and was a superhero film written and directed by Sam Raimi. It is the third film in the Spider-Man film franchise, based on the fictional Marvel Comics character Spider-Man. It stars Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst, James Franco, Rosemary Harris, J.K. Simmons, Bryce Dallas Howard and with Thomas Haden Church as the anti heroic villain, Sandman and Topher.
  6. The more free movies download websites you have, the more latest and different varieties, regions movies you can find easily. So, today, I am sharing a huge list of Top 50 Free Movies Download Sites. But before moving ahead, if you're an iPhone user then here is the best free movie apps for iPhone and iPad
Planet of the Symbiotes (Event) | Marvel Database | FANDOMPeter Parker (Earth-616) | Marvel Database | FANDOM

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Netflix promises there will be more [movies] added throughout the month that will be revealed soon, so be sure to check back as we'll keep the list updated when other additions get. With that in mind, CinemaBlend has put together its definitive list of the 30 best superhero movies ever made. Not everyone will necessarily agree on the exact order, but we guarantee that many of. Marvel's The Avengers (mer känd som The Avengers) är en amerikansk superhjältefilm från 2012, i regi av Joss Whedon och Kevin Feige är producent, med ett manus skrivet av Whedon och Zak Penn.Filmen handlar om hjältegruppen med samma namn som består av Iron Man, Captain America, Hulken, Thor, Black Widow och Hawkeye.Det är den sjätte filmen i Marvel Cinematic Universe-serien Explore Marvel TV shows on the official website of Marvel Entertainment! Learn about the cast, characters, plots, & episodes of your favorite shows Watch the movie trailer for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse (2018). Directed by Bob Persichetti, Peter Ramsey, Rodney Rothman and starring Nicolas Cage, Hailee Steinfeld, Mahershala Ali and Liev Schreiber. Spider-Man crosses parallel dimensions and teams up with the Spider-Men of those dimensions to stop a threat to all reality

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This list has every adventure of the Dark Knight tallied by preference, from the Adam West all the way up to Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy with Christian Bale, including the final film, 2012's The Dark Knight Rises. It also includes the animated Batman movies that became popular in the mid-90s. But what is the best Batman movie This list was compiled by having reddit.com users choose their favorite movies, of which the top 250 were compiled into this list. If you enjoy this list, check out a more recently updated version: Reddit's Top 250 Movies (2017 Edition) Character Archetypes The Mentor. In the movie Spiderman (2002), Uncle Ben exactly portrays the Mentor—an older, wiser, father-figure to Peter and serves as Peter's role model.Uncle Ben raises Peter Parker with the help of Aunt May due to the death of Peter's parents. Uncle Ben teaches Peter the importance of responsibility and being a true leader— Uncle Ben emphasizes with great. Watch the movie trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man (2012). Directed by Marc Webb and starring Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Rhys Ifans and Denis Leary. Peter Parker finds a clue that might help him understand why his parents disappeared when he was young. His path puts him on a collision course with Dr. Curt Connors, his father's former partner Spider-Man is to be replaced with movies featuring his female counterpart. Sony Pictures are determined to produce more films that appeal to girls and have, therefore, decided to make a Spider-Woman movie in 2017. A source at the film company tol

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Spider-Man 3 - Movie - Basic Series Released in 2007 by Hasbro Black Cat action figure,as she is seen in the videogames from Spider-Man trilogy. She stands aproximatelly 5 inches,includes 13 points of articulation This list shows off every single MCU, Spiderman (The Amazing Spiderman Series, Raimi Series, Venom Series, and Spiderverse), and XMen film. You can use this list to check off all the marvel movies you've seen. Note that not all movies on here are out yet. Also note that Punisher, Ghost Rider, and all of the mcu shows are not on here either Start a Free Trial to watch popular Movies on Hulu including thousands of new releases, comedies, dramas, horrors, cult classics, and Originals. Stream movies online with a no commitment 30-day trial to watch movies on Hulu Listen to Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (Soundtrack From & Inspired by the Motion Picture) on Spotify. Various Artists · Album · 2018 · 13 songs The following is a list of the movies that were considered to be in development by Marvel Studios, based upon different Marvel Comic Book Series and properties, but ended up not being produced in any way. 1 Captain Britain 2 Dark Avengers 3 Gargoyle 4 Iron Man 4 5 Ironheart 6 Ka-Zar 7 Morbius the Living Vampire 8 Mort the Dead Teenager 9 Namor the Sub-Mariner 10 Nick Fury 11 Nighthawk 12 Nova.

Spiderman Theme Song Lyrics. Spiderman Theme Lyrics Spider-Man Lyrics. Spider-Man, Spider-Man, Does whatever a spider can Spins a web, any size, Catches thieves just like flies Look Out! Here comes the Spider-Man. Is he strong? Listen bud, He's got radioactive blood Rent The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) starring Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone on DVD and Blu-ray. Get unlimited DVD Movies & TV Shows delivered to your door with no late fees, ever. Fast, free delivery. One month free trial Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Learn to live life like a superhero with these Spiderman quotes. Spider-Man is a comic book hero that first showed up back in the 60s. But most people more recently have enjoyed watching as part of the Marvel superheroes group. Tom Holland is currently playing the role and has shown up in [ All the other movies - bar The Incredible Hulk - are available on Disney Plus though and you can subscribe to Disney Plus for £59.99 a year or £5.99 a month. How to watch Spider-Man: Homecomin

SpiderMan Miles Morales game recently launched for the latest next-gen PS5 along with the previous-gen PS4 consoles. The game has quickly become a talking point for longtime Spidey fans who are experiencing Miles going on his individual adventures and becoming the web-swinging hero for Harlem cannot stop singing praise for the game Audible Listen to Books & Original Audio Performances: Book Depository Books With Free Delivery Worldwide: Box Office Mojo Find Movie Box Office Data: ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics: DPReview Digital Photography: East Dane Designer Men's Fashion : Fabric Sewing, Quilting & Knitting: Goodreads Book reviews & recommendations: IMDb Movies.

To solve this challenge, write an HTTP GET method to retrieve information from a particular movie database. Complete the function in the editor; it has one parameter: a string, substr. The function.. Scarlett Johansson på Internet Movie Database (engelska) Auktoritetsdata • WorldCat • VIAF : 85521623 • LCCN : no00017364 • ISNI : 0000 0001 1450 577X • GND : 129616214 • SUDOC : 082333548 • BNF : cb145553119 (data) • BIBSYS : 2111978 • MusicBrainz : 0cc5ed91-eba3-4a5d-8a69-7638e0bf6495 • NLA : 41025680 • NDL : 01160526 • NKC : xx0035647 • BNE : XX1505860 • CiNii.

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I thought superhero movies were stupid and boring at that age, but my family dragged me to see this. I instantly feel in love with the film, and no other superhero movie has even come close. I tried to like the newer Spiderman movies (homecoming was decent, but the amazing spiderman was not for me), but none can hold a candle to the original I love Batman movies, so I decided to make a list of all the Batman movies with a small description of each movie. Batman (1966) was the first Batman movie. Adam West played Batman and Burt Ward played Robin. This film featured four villains teaming up to defeat Batman and Robin once and for all 25 quotes have been tagged as spiderman: Stan Lee: 'Coming from your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man!', Cassandra Clare: 'Once he asked me what I though..

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